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We work with all-in, competitive and fixed rates for our services

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Responsible and affordable mortgage advice thanks to an experienced and committed advisor who examines your dreams, wishes and personal situation.

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Mortgage advice costs: good advice with fixed and favorable rates

Buy your first home

€ 1.995,-

Buy next home

€ 2495,-

Increase mortgage

€ 1495,-

The above costs are for advice and mediation of the mortgage. In other words, including closing costs.
Mediating insurance to protect your life, any partner and possessions, such as the home (building), which follow from our advice, are included.

Our compensation is tax deductible for you if the mortgage is too.
All advisors are certified and highly trained.
Our advice is followed by a comparison of +30 providers (banks, insurers and management parties.
The payment of our fee is in arrears when the mortgage is completed.

Additional services and their costs

Disability insurance during mortgage applicationFree
Term life insurance during mortgage applicationFree
Housing costs insurance (incapacity for work / unemployment) during mortgage applicationFree
Non-life / home insurance during mortgage applicationFree
Bridging mortgage during mortgage applicationFree
Starter loan during mortgage applicationFree
Bank guaranteeUp to 1% of the sum
Building inspectionFrom € 350,-
Valuation reportFrom € 645,-
Increase existing mortgage, taken out via Bliss€ 1.495,-
Increase existing mortgage, not taken out via Bliss€ 2.495,-
Divorce (dismissal of joint and several liability), existing mortgage, concluded via Bliss€ 995,-
Divorce (dismissal of joint and several liability), existing mortgage, not taken out through Bliss€ 2.495,-

Need mortgage advice? Make a free appointment with a mortgage advisor for your first home, next home or evaluation of your situation

Are you looking to buy a first home or have you already bought one? Or would you like to have your personal situation evaluated and see whether your mortgage transfer makes sense? Schedule a free, no-obligation mortgage consultation. Every mortgage advice for starters is tailor-made. We therefore invite you for a free orientation meeting. We call this old fashioned service!

Our quality guarantees

Valuation property

Valuation report of Desktop valuation.

Questions about charges we often receive

What does a notary cost?
What does an appraisal cost?
What does a building inspection cost?
What is a bank guarantee?
Can I co-finance the costs of mortgage advice?

Read all frequently asked questions

Customized financing and additional wishes

Do you have specific wishes or do you want tailor-made financing? We are happy to serve you! Contact us without obligation and ask us about the possibilities. In the following situations, among others, an additional rate may apply, depending on the complexity. Discuss this with your advisor.

  • Entrepreneur/investor with complex BV structures
  • Foreign income / income in a currency other than the Euro
  • Non-regular homes (self-build, CPO, houseboat, MVE/MGE, etc.)
  • Mortgage loans > € 750.000
  • Financing real estate for (partial) letting. This also includes Airbnb (buy-to-let or leave-to-let) buy-to-let mortgage).
  • Dutch citizens abroad from € 2,995
  • Explain mortgage

Bliss Mortgage Advisers helps you further

Step 1: Call, email or app our advisors at the intake desk
Step 2: Discuss your situation without obligation and free of charge
Step 3: Choose the best solution for your situation

Mortgage advice specialist
Alwin Langerak
Financial advisor specialized in mortgage advice

The intake desk is available 7 days a week.

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 22:00
Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 – 16.00

Request a free orientation meeting

We visit you where you want to meet, at home or on location when it suits you.
Appointments possible whenever you want: during the day, in the evening or at the weekend, so you don’t have to take time off!
Completely without obligation and free of charge
Request a free orientation meeting
We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a date, time and location.
All information will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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