Cheap divorce, how is that possible?

The decision to get a divorce is a tough and traumatic event. Cheap divorce is interesting. No one will, of course, have spared for the divorce. There are significant costs associated with the divorce, which you are not actually waiting for. In 2020 there are various options to keep the costs of the divorce relatively cheap. Divorce proceedings are no longer as expensive as they used to be.

Why is a divorce so expensive?

To this day, a divorce is seen as something that costs a lot of money. Something that only drains you, due to expensive lawyer fees. In general this only happens when you are not on the same page or we can talk about a fight divorce. In these situations, you are both obliged to hire your own lawyer. Which naturally entails high costs.

Deduction of attorney fees from tax

The attorney fees make the divorce an expensive occasion. Think of an hourly rate of € 150 per lawyer, excluding office costs and VAT. A divorce lawyer charges even more than a lawyer. So you can see that the costs are quite high.

Not all divorce costs are tax deductible when filing your income tax return. The costs that you cannot deduct are lawyer’s fees, any child support and the costs of the court (Registration Fees). The costs that you can deduct are the costs that you have had to incur for alimony. So you will have to finance the vast majority yourself.

Can you save on the costs of divorce?

The opportunity to save on your divorce is certainly there. The most important thing is that you two are on good terms. If you can sit down together and arrange the divorce, you have the option of a joint lawyer. To keep costs even lower, you can opt for a mediator.

Arrange cheap divorce online

If you do not have children together, and if you agree on the agreements made, then online divorce would also be an option. This is the cheapest way of getting a divorce, and in fact you arrange everything yourself, except for submitting the documents to the court. This is an act that should only be done by a lawyer. In this way you arrange the entire divorce independently.

Cheap divorce when you cannot bear the financial burden

It is of course also possible that a divorce cannot be prevented, but you do not have the financial means. In this case there is an organization in the Netherlands called Raad voor Rechtsbijstand (Legal Aid Board) which, on the basis of the law, provides subsidy for legal aid. To qualify for this, they look at your income and any equity. If these fall below a certain limit, the legal costs will be reimbursed. You will have to pay your own contribution.

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