What is a Mortgage?

what is a mortgage

The purchase, renovation or new construction of real estate is usually financed in whole or in part in the form of a mortgage loan. When a security right is established on registered property, we speak of ‘mortgage right’. Explanation mortgage When people speak of a ‘mortgage’, it usually refers to the loan and not so … Read more

Notary fees mortgage and your dream home: what should you count on?

Have you found your dream house? Then you have probably already studied how much mortgage you can get and what the buyer’s costs are. But do you already know what costs you have to count on at the notary? In this article we list which notary costs you can expect when buying your dream home. … Read more

Delivery deed

delivery of deed

You have found your dream home or investment property and the offer has been accepted. Congratulations on this step! Now there is still a lot of paperwork, luckily the notary does that. An important document is the deed of delivery. Are you curious about what is in this deed? What is a delivery deed? As … Read more

Mortgage deed

When you buy a house, the deeds fly around your ears. Fortunately, the notary will draw them up for you. One of those deeds is the mortgage deed. If you are allowed to sign it, you will almost have your dream home, because the mortgage has already been finalized! What is a mortgage deed? As … Read more