Mortgage types

mortgage types

Annuity mortgage Linear mortgage (straight line mortgage) Interest-only mortgage Mortgage forms for a specific purpose Bridging mortgage Family mortgage Real estate mortgage Buy to let mortgage Mortgage forms before 2013 Bank savings mortgage Investment mortgage Hybrid mortgage Credit mortgage Life mortgage Saving mortgage

Linear mortgage, discover everything about this favorable mortgage

Many people opt for the linear mortgage when financing their dream home. This type of mortgage is therefore a favorable mortgage and a good choice for anyone who can and wants to repay more right from the start. One of the frequently asked questions to our advisors is what the best mortgage is. Many starters … Read more

Annuity Mortgage, discover everything about the most popular mortgage

The most common mortgage is the annuity mortgage (in Dutch: annu├»teitenhypotheek). That is not without reason. With this mortgage you start with lower monthly payments. First-time buyers in the housing market have the option of choosing between two different types of mortgage: an annuity mortgage or a linear mortgage. A mortgage advisor is often asked … Read more

Annuity mortgage or linear mortgage?

An important decision when taking out a mortgage is the choice of which mortgage type you want. An annuity mortgage or linear mortgage? At Bliss we often get questions about what the best mortgage type is. One thing is certain. It is your personal choice. Annuity or linear repayment There are many things to consider … Read more

Interest-only mortgage, discover everything about this old mortgage form

Are you looking for an interest-only mortgage? (In Dutch: aflossingsvrije hypotheek) This type of mortgage is still rarely taken out. Most people opt for a linear mortgage or an annuity mortgage. It is still possible to take out an interest-only mortgage. In this article you can read all the features, advantages and disadvantages of the … Read more