ICR Interest coverage ratio

ICR means Interest Coverage Ratio. In the world of investing in real estate, it is an important ratio that a real estate finance advisor and the chosen lender look at when assessing an application. Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR) The ICR is a measure of the extent to which a consumer or professional real estate investor … Read more

What is a Mortgage?

what is a mortgage

The purchase, renovation or new construction of real estate is usually financed in whole or in part in the form of a mortgage loan. When a security right is established on registered property, we speak of ‘mortgage right’. Explanation mortgage When people speak of a ‘mortgage’, it usually refers to the loan and not so … Read more

Take out a mortgage with income in Dirhams (AED)

Do you live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and would you like to apply for an owner-occupied home mortgage or rental mortgage in the Netherlands? Then at many banks you will encounter the fact that you do not have any income in euros, but are paid in foreign currency, namely Dirhams (AED). However, taking … Read more

Notary fees mortgage and your dream home: what should you count on?

Have you found your dream house? Then you have probably already studied how much mortgage you can get and what the buyer’s costs are. But do you already know what costs you have to count on at the notary? In this article we list which notary costs you can expect when buying your dream home. … Read more

Take out a mortgage as a pilot or captain

Take out a mortgage as a pilot or captain

Do you want to take out a mortgage as a pilot or captain? Then you may be faced with specific requirements from a lender. There are also lenders who can offer tailor-made solutions. With a good substantiation, more is often possible. We can completely unburden you. At Bliss, our advisors have specialized knowledge and experience … Read more

How can I expand my real estate portfolio?

expand real estate portfolio

The rental income from a first investment property often tastes like more and the self investing in real estate is actually not rocket science. Many starting real estate investors choose to expand their real estate portfolio after purchasing their first investment property. But what steps can you take for this? How can you expand your … Read more

Ensure that your relations’ assets are rendered safely and stably

Ensure that your relations' assets are rendered safely and stably

As an investment firm, family office, financial advisor, mortgage planner, professional investor or asset manager, you are constantly looking for opportunities and investment products that match the asset objectives of your clients. Bliss Hypotheekadviseurs is the partner for those looking for an investment opportunity in the alternative investment category, where low risks, stable returns and … Read more

Private Fund Foundation (SPF)

foundation private fund curacao

The Private Fund Foundation (SPF) is a special kind of foundation, which was introduced in Curaçao in 1998, years before Curaçao also introduced the trust (2012). In Dutch this is called: Stichting Particulier Fonds (SPF). With an SPF, private or family assets can be segregated into a separate legal entity. The SPF is therefore an … Read more

Investors wanted for investing in mortgages

Investors wanted for investing in mortgages

More and more strong shoulders are leaving the Netherlands. Every day we speak to highly educated people, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals who want to keep their home and / or real estate portfolio because of their permanent or temporary departure abroad. Because the current residential mortgage of our clients must be converted into a so-called … Read more