Bliss Foundation provides loan administration and mortgage management

The Bliss Foundation takes care of the administration of third parties and is the financial entity that receives the incoming interest and repayments from debtors and transfers them to the investor. Bliss has set up the foundation to guarantee a separate cash flow for the debtor and the (institutional) investor or private party, for example … Read more

What is a Mortgage?

what is a mortgage

The purchase, renovation or new construction of real estate is usually financed in whole or in part in the form of a mortgage loan. When a security right is established on registered property, we speak of ‘mortgage right’. Explanation mortgage When people speak of a ‘mortgage’, it usually refers to the loan and not so … Read more

Ensure that your relations’ assets are rendered safely and stably

Ensure that your relations' assets are rendered safely and stably

As an investment firm, family office, financial advisor, mortgage planner, professional investor or asset manager, you are constantly looking for opportunities and investment products that match the asset objectives of your clients. Bliss Hypotheekadviseurs is the partner for those looking for an investment opportunity in the alternative investment category, where low risks, stable returns and … Read more

Investors wanted for investing in mortgages

Investors wanted for investing in mortgages

More and more strong shoulders are leaving the Netherlands. Every day we speak to highly educated people, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals who want to keep their home and / or real estate portfolio because of their permanent or temporary departure abroad. Because the current residential mortgage of our clients must be converted into a so-called … Read more