What is a Mortgage?

what is a mortgage

The purchase, renovation or new construction of real estate is usually financed in whole or in part in the form of a mortgage loan. When a security right is established on registered property, we speak of ‘mortgage right’. Explanation mortgage When people speak of a ‘mortgage’, it usually refers to the loan and not so … Read more

Bidding on a home subject to financing

Bidding on a home subject to financing

We wish everyone a safe and responsible purchase. In a seller’s market and overheated housing market, the pressure on home buyers really increases. The owner or broker can ask you to make an offer without financing reservation. In Dutch this is called: Onder voorbehoud van financiering. Of course when you do not want to miss … Read more

Buy or rent a house? All the pros and cons

Buy or rent a house

Which is a better idea, buying or renting a house? There is actually something to be said for both options. Rents continue to rise, especially in the big cities. The prices of owner-occupied homes are also skyrocketing, and there are many extra costs involved. On the other hand, mortgage interest rates are historically low. We … Read more