Organization chart

An organizational chart is a clear overview of the organizational structure that we draw up as a consultant to provide the lender with relevant insights and information for the mortgage application. Sometimes the document is called an organization chart. The document is important when applying for financing for an entrepreneur, for example with the DGA-mortgage. … Read more

Applying for a new mortgage after your divorce: additional documents required

When you apply for a new mortgage, there are many different documents that you need to provide to assess your mortgage and determine how much mortgage you can get. If you were previously divorced, the lender will often request a number of additional documents from you. These extra documents have to do with your divorce. … Read more

Employer statement

An employer statement when taking out the mortgage, why do you need this document? What exactly is an employer statement and do you also need such a statement for the mortgage application? Learn more about what you need to know and download three models in this article. Employer statement 2022: what is that? Are you … Read more

Deed of division

deed of division

A deed of division is an important document for a mortgage application. The (draft) deed is required when you split up and one of the partners takes over the house. The partner who will leave will then be released from joint and several liability for the mortgage debt. In this article you can read everything … Read more