Selling a house in a divorce

Selling a house in a divorce

Divorce and sell your house in a divorce. Sometimes you have no other choice and there are really no other options. If your personal situation shows that you cannot take over the mortgage on your own or if you prefer to make a new start in a new home and environment, you can offer the … Read more

Applying for a new mortgage after your divorce: additional documents required

When you apply for a new mortgage, there are many different documents that you need to provide to assess your mortgage and determine how much mortgage you can get. If you were previously divorced, the lender will often request a number of additional documents from you. These extra documents have to do with your divorce. … Read more

Can I continue to live in my house after the divorce?

Can I continue to live in my house after the divorce

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster and a lot of hassle. To then also have to change your home, or worse, your place of residence, is a very unpleasant sight. It is therefore possible that you also have the following question: can I continue to live in my own house? Answering this question is very difficult. … Read more

Separation of table and bed

Separation of table and bed

Separating from bed and board is a kind of temporary solution. If you don’t want to officially divorce by law, but you can’t live together under one roof, this way of divorce is a solution. However, this form of divorce is becoming less common. That has to do with the law. By law you are … Read more

Co-parenting, taking care of the children together


Co-parenting is a visitation arrangement that parents have with each other about the children when they are divorced. In co-parenting, the division of care and parenting tasks is equally divided between both parents. When co-parenting? With co-parenting it is important that you as parents live close to each other. Preferably no more than 7 kilometers … Read more

Apply for a divorce, all steps to break up if you want a divorce

Apply for a divorce

You have decided to divorce, now what? When you no longer see a future in your marriage, you are thinking about a divorce, and most likely you have no idea what all this entails. A divorce is a tough decision with far-reaching steps, and a lot of arrangements. You determine the amount of guidance you … Read more

Appraisal and valuation of a house in the event of a divorce

If you separate, have a house together and file for divorce, the joint house will also have to be divided. Regardless of whether one of you wants to continue living in the house, a good valuation of the owner-occupied house is required in the divorce. In this article you can read why and how a … Read more

Cheap divorce, how is that possible?

cheap divorce

The decision to get a divorce is a tough and traumatic event. Cheap divorce is interesting. No one will, of course, have spared for the divorce. There are significant costs associated with the divorce, which you are not actually waiting for. In 2020 there are various options to keep the costs of the divorce relatively … Read more

Putting a mortgage in one name in the event of a divorce

When you break up, a lot comes at you, also about money matters, such as the mortgage and taxes. As soon as you get divorced and have a house with a mortgage together with your partner, you can choose to put the house and the mortgage loan in one name if one of both of … Read more

What is a divorce settlement?

If you separate and want to get a divorce, good agreements will have to be made. These agreements between you and your ex-partner must be recorded in writing in an important document: the divorce agreement. You can have this document drawn up and recorded by a professional mediator, civil-law notary or divorce lawyer from Q … Read more