ICR Interest coverage ratio

ICR means Interest Coverage Ratio. In the world of investing in real estate, it is an important ratio that a real estate finance advisor and the chosen lender look at when assessing an application. Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR) The ICR is a measure of the extent to which a consumer or professional real estate investor … Read more

How can I expand my real estate portfolio?

expand real estate portfolio

The rental income from a first investment property often tastes like more and the self investing in real estate is actually not rocket science. Many starting real estate investors choose to expand their real estate portfolio after purchasing their first investment property. But what steps can you take for this? How can you expand your … Read more

Private Fund Foundation (SPF)

foundation private fund curacao

The Private Fund Foundation (SPF) is a special kind of foundation, which was introduced in Curaçao in 1998, years before Curaçao also introduced the trust (2012). In Dutch this is called: Stichting Particulier Fonds (SPF). With an SPF, private or family assets can be segregated into a separate legal entity. The SPF is therefore an … Read more

Purchase Protection

The purchase protection ensures that homes cannot simply be bought up for rental purposes. Also called buy to let. In this way, more owner-occupied homes will remain available for people who will actually live in them as owners. In fact, there is a self-occupancy obligation when buying an existing home. The national purchase protection (Dutch: … Read more

Rental income statement

Rental income statement

More and more lenders provide mortgages to real estate investors and offer the option of including rental income when applying for a mortgage own house. By providing insight into rental income, the real estate portfolio and drawing up a rental income statement, we provide a numerical substantiation of the stable, net income from real estate. … Read more

Including rental income with home mortgage

Including rental income with home mortgage

Are you going to buy a house in the near future and do you want to include the income from rental property or from an investment property for your mortgage? It is possible to include the rental income when determining the test income. In this way, this income increases the borrowing capacity. In this article … Read more

Taking home equity to invest in real estate

More and more people want to build up a pension or realize income from rental income by investing in real estate. Withdrawing equity from your own home can be a smart strategy for this. In practice, all kinds of snags can be attached to this, which is why we want to provide more information about … Read more

Negative savings interest, saving costs money in the Netherlands

Negative savings interest

If you’ve been following the news in recent years, the negative savings interest rate should come as no surprise to you. What consequences does it have in practice? How is it possible that the interest on savings is so low today, because in the past the interest was much more favorable? And what alternatives to … Read more